Is there any way to put my facebook wall/timeline to make it only certain people can see what's on it?

Answer yes, use the audience selectors for the thing you want to control who sees it

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Make a group of people on facebook?

When people make their status on Facebook like for an inbox, what does it mean?

Someone seeking attention. There is a 50% chance they will send you a message.

How can you make it so that photos that people 'like' don't appear on your facebook timeline?

there is no way to turn that feature off, because that's the whole reason for using facebook in the first place, to share your activity with your friendsthe only way to prevent it is to add individ... Read More »

How to Make People Administrators for Events on Facebook?

When you create a Facebook event, the social networking site automatically assigns you as the page's administrator. As an administrator, you invite guests, communicate with them and edit the descri... Read More »