Is there any way to prevent people from tagging your pics on facebook?

Answer Go to the triangle next to your name, and select Privacy Settings. Scroll down, and you will find Timeline and Tagging. Select Edit, and tweak the settings to suit your personal preferences. Ple... Read More »

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HOw do I keep people from tagging their selves in my photos on Facebook?

Go to privacy settings>> Timeline & Tagging>> make the last option as "no one". then no one can tag your photos

How can I prevent certain people from commenting on my pictures on Facebook?

you cant prevent her from commenting on it if she can see it, so you would have to hide the picture from her instead

Girls, do you get creeped out when people you dont know are looking thru your pics on myspace or facebook?

No because I do it to! Especially if people have pics of their travels up, i love looking at other peoples pics! As long as you're not putting up inappropriate or distasteful pics of yourself what ... Read More »

Can I prevent specific people from seeing Facebook videos I upload?

the same way you prevent them from seeing anything else, just use the audience selector to control who can see it