Is there any way to make my hair grow faster!!?

Answer get a good hat girl

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Is there a way to make ur hair grow faster?

You can't MAKE your hair grow faster, but you can HELP your hair grow faster. To help your hair grow take B vitamins (B vitamins such as folic acid can be found in your everyday food such as cereal... Read More »

Is there any way to make your hair grow longer faster?

Massaging makes a lot of difference to the rate at which hair grows so a regular massage is recommended to speed up the process. Try http://solutionsforhairgrowth.blogspot.c… for more details.

Is there a formula, pill or shampoo that makes hair grow faster?

I found this online and tried ( totally satisfied ) website says :" Argan Oil which is called miraculous liquid gold of Morocco has been used by the Moroccan Berber... Read More »

Will Hair,Skin, & nail vitimans make your hair grow faster?

It doesn't necessarily make hair grow faster, but it does make the hair stronger so that it won't break easily therefore allowing it to grow longer