Is there any way to make my built-in webcam show what is on my screen?

Answer Use VNC Viewer, that works best for me.

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How to Use a Built-In Webcam?

Most modern computers, especially laptops and netbooks, now come with built-in webcams. The majority of these webcams come with preinstalled software that is ready to use immediately. This software... Read More »

Is it possible to have a webcam built into my laptop?

umm proberly not, but you can get laptop webcams!they have a hook to hook onto your screen, only like £5=]-i got one :)

My built in webcam is not working?

Hmm, no idea what the software on your mini Gateway would be called. ;( But if you just want to take pictures you could go on the Rounds app on Facebook -â€... Read More »

How to Use a Built-In Webcam on a Notebook?

Webcams that are built into laptop computers are often automatically configured, meaning that they are ready-to-use right out of the box. Many programs that are commonly used have webcam support. T... Read More »