Is there any way to make falafel that doesn't involve deep- frying?

Answer Yes, I often roll mine into balls, lightly brush them with olive oil, and bake them on a cookie sheet. They take a bit longer to cook (about 15 minutes depending on the size), but they're much bett... Read More »

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Is deep frying chicken in olive oil any healthier than deep frying chicken in Crisco (shortening/lard)?

Olive oil is better than shortening. Olive oil is good for you! It is high in the good cholesterol. So, use it to fry, and if you like, drink it. There are people that do just that.

Is there one Hollywood Celebrity that you refuse to watch any movies that involve them?

I have to go with Miley Cyrus, her acting is so terrible. and any Jonas Brother. Ive never seen an Angelina Jolie movie in my life. Tom Cruise in Jerry Mcguire wasn't that bad, but other than that,... Read More »

Are there any animes that involve train hopping?

"Michiko to Hatchin" seems like something you will enjoy. There is no training hopping but is a lot of traveling because they are looking for someone. I really liked it."El Cazador de la Bruja" "Th... Read More »

Are there traditional Mexican dishes that involve bacon?

The type of bacon you're thinking of is cured and smoked pork belly that is then thinly sliced and pan fried. This is mainly an American and European preparation.I'm sure there are Mexican dishes ... Read More »