Is there any way to know if you got a trojan on your pc 100%?

Answer Hey,Here is a great article on wikhow about how to tell if your computer is infected with a trojan…This still is not 100% though, so if you want to be abso... Read More »

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Does anyone know if there is software out there to turn your PC into a landline phone?

Skype is not a landline PSTN option.Skype uses Internet to make phone calls.What you want is Voice Modem software on your PC that will "interface with PSTN landline".NCH Swift Sound has many softwa... Read More »

I want to know trojan vibrations?

Ohh, I think the actual sexual act is extremely sexy.But with a vibrator and other things to play with, that wouldbe even more sexy ! Imagination ! Let it go wild ! It willhelp you achieve orgas... Read More »

Is there a way you can know your pregnant before your period is due?

Yes - you can know as early as 2 weeks after sex from:. Positive pregnancy test. Feeling sick/actually being sick. Headaches. Exhausted. Dizziness. Food cravings. Food/smell/colour aversions. Emoti... Read More »

Does anybody know what's a Trojan ?

Trojan Horse: a program that claims to be one thing but is, in fact, another. A trojan horse is not a virus per se but it may carry them. For example many people consider Kazaa, the music sharing s... Read More »