Is there any way to increase my pain threshold?

Answer You just have to find your 'happy place'

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Do you think you have a high pain threshold?

Yes, I do, but that's only because I'm brain dead...thank you very much. I just dropped a set of encyclopedia Britannica's on my crotch and didn't shed a tear. Have a pleasant day.

Best way to increase pain tolerance?

I had the same problem only that being a guy it's even worse because people and society in general just expect man to be tough and walk off even big injuries. I started training martial arts 4 year... Read More »

Pain increase with RICE on elbow?

The pain in your elbow could be due to bursitis. You need to undergo physiotherapeutic treatment to reduce the pain in your elbow.

Does blood pressure increase/decrease when in pain?

Pain can increase B.P. but shock will lower it, sometimes catastrophically.Pain will cause shock if trauma is severe enough