Is there any way to increase my pain threshold?

Answer You just have to find your 'happy place'

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Do you think you have a high pain threshold?

Yes, I do, but that's only because I'm brain dead...thank you very much. I just dropped a set of encyclopedia Britannica's on my crotch and didn't shed a tear. Have a pleasant day.

Is there an alternative pain reliever, to replace man made pain pills?

For arthritis, Turmeric, like cortizone shots! It's for inflammation. it works on anyone I heard that has tried it. My brother, says he would be in great pain all over his body without it, told me ... Read More »

My husband has a pain on his right side of the chest is there anything that i can give to ease his pain?

Yes, the best thing you can do is to get him to a doctor like ASAP. Any kind of chest pain should be considered and given careful consideration, and be brought to a physician's attention. Mike

Best way to increase pain tolerance?

I had the same problem only that being a guy it's even worse because people and society in general just expect man to be tough and walk off even big injuries. I started training martial arts 4 year... Read More »