Is there any way to fix and LCD on a digital camera?

Answer Unless you bought an extended warranty on it from the store where you purchased it and it covers accidental damage (usually a good idea), then you have to go through kodak. It will cost aobut $200 ... Read More »

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Is there any possibility to convert my old SLR Minolta 35mm film camera into a digital camera?

No there isn't although it isn't a new idea. The Kodak DCS420 used a digital back on a modified Nikon N90s in 1994.In 2003 Imacon partnered with Kodak and Leica to produce a digital back for use wi... Read More »

If there are horizontal grainy lines on an image taken by a digital camera does it mean the camera has been destroyed?

If the lines are on the print, your printer heads need cleaning.

I formatted my SD card on my computer instead of in my digital camera and now the camera won't recognize it. Is there anything I can do or is this formatting mistake irreversible?

Normally you should be able to reformat the card in your camera. If the camera does not recognize the card at all when the card is plugged in, then something else is wrong.The below listed related ... Read More »

Are there any books on how to use a digital camera?

Yes there are many with a wide range of skill level in mind. Checking your local library should be your first port of call. Most bookshops have a photography section.