Is there any way to find out whether Flash/ Pen Drive has been used on a computer ?

Answer "Recent Files" folder may show the links to the missing removable drive (If not already cleared)

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My Computer Won't Find My Flash Drive?

USB flash drives are small, portable storage devices that allow you to transport data on the go. However, if your computer is unable to detect the flash drive you do need to perform some troublesho... Read More »

Flash drive problem: My computer will not read my flash drive when I plug it in the front of the computer.?

Check in CMOS that all usb ports are enabled. If so, it could drivers or a bad connection on the front ports.Cheers :-)

Why does my computer think that my flash drive is a disk drive?

no not a simple waycopy the really little 2gb of data to your computer, format it and put it back on then test it

Can PowerPoint from one computer be put on a flash drive& transferred to another computer?

You can easily save a PowerPoint presentation to a flash drive, and then open and save the file to another computer. However, the computer to which you want to move the PowerPoint must also have Po... Read More »