Is there any way to copy a folder's listed titles without copying the contents?

Answer The only easy way I can think of is to use the PRNT SCRN option. Hit the PRNT SCRN key on your keyboard and then go to word and then use the PASTE option to paste the image on the word document.The... Read More »

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How do I delete the contents of Windows installer folders?

Visit the Microsoft Support website, and download the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. Save the file to your desktop. Run the utility from your desktop. Start by selecting a program from the "Ins... Read More »

How do I get my printer to copy what I want in the way I want it,ie when copying it prints maybe two lines per?

Are you trying to say that it's double spaced? If you are, go to format in Microsoft Word and click on Paragraph and change it from double space to single space.

I need help on copying stuff off the internet or my email. How do I copy only the part of the page I want?

Go to file>print. In the next screen you will see some options, one being print range. Select pages and enter the page you want to print. This will only print the pages you are telling it to. If yo... Read More »

For kaspersky2012 installation can i copy the contents from kaspersky CD to a pendrive and then install it?

Yes, you can copy the content and can install the application from the copied file. You will find the setup icon and autorun icon. You just need to press any of the mentioned icon and it will start... Read More »