Is there a"God mode"cheat for Halo 2 for Xbox?

Answer Halo 2 for the Xbox console does not have a cheat that enables "God mode," or any technique to render your character invincible. There are numerous glitches, secrets and Easter eggs, however.Refere... Read More »

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Is there an invincibility cheat in Halo 2 on Xbox?

There are no cheat codes for Halo 2, only unlockable features and game glitches. Players may alter the game by collecting various skulls in hidden locations throughout the game. One particular skul... Read More »

Is there a fool-proof way to cheat a barracuda web filter.?

Run a system restore on your computerGo to start --> all programs --> accessories --> system tools --> system restoreRestore to an earlier date (a date that settings were fine) It won't effect your... Read More »

Is there a cheat to get more food on Virtual Villagers 2?

There are cheats to get more food in the game Virtual Villages 2, notably solving puzzle seven, which will grant an unlimited food supply. To solve the puzzle and remove the red algae from the ocea... Read More »

Is there any known cheat for the " Restaurant City" App on Facebook ?

i love restaurant city =]click on the tree behind the restaurant, and you get free coins, then go to street mode and go to the back of your restaurant + get more coins =Dvisit friends to get more i... Read More »