Is there any way to change the amount of dedicated graphics memory in Windows?

Answer Hello, Microsoft answer desk is free, give it a try and you will like it. This is new and very good... Speak to Microsoft Certified Technicians Call 1-866-610-3132 Toll F... Read More »

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What is the minimum amount of memory needed in a graphics card for gaming?

dont search for the minimum search for the highest G card that you can buy ( not less than 1.5 GB)

How to change dedicated graphic memory?

I am not sure you can, but this site will have the information you need…

What are the down-sides of turning shared memory into dedicated memory?

personally I'd suggest you leave it on auto, with a mobile 630 nvidia GPU you're not going to be cranking the frames or resolution.What laptop graphics cards do is share the system RAM so you have ... Read More »

Is it possible to allocate memory from RAM to dedicated gaming memory?

Check first that your computer is up to specs for the game ->…Remember that by sharing RAM to your video card, you are actually taking away RAM that may a... Read More »