Is there any way to be creative in my documents..?

Answer You right click on the folder, go to properties, click on the tab that says "customize" and then click on "change icon". There will be a whole bunch of icons you can choose from then. It might not ... Read More »

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Is there a way to merge two PDF documents together?

You can insert pages from multiple pdf documents into one document, but you need the full program. The free reader does not have that feature.

It says there is 7 documents waiting to be printed, but nothing is printing. WHY?

Some people will get a kick out of this answer:PC Load letter? What the F*** does that mean?Seriously though- other than the obvious, making sure there is paper and ink, try turning the power off/o... Read More »

Can there be a docking station for Creative Zen Stone Plus?

According to Creative, which manufactures the Zen Stone Plus, there is no docking station designed specifically for the MP3 player. However, you can interface with external speaker systems such as ... Read More »

Is there a way to change the default font size in Word for all future documents?

Change the default font size in Microsoft Word 2007 by clicking on the Font Dialog Box located on the Home Tab in the Font group. Choose the font style and size from the menu selection and then cli... Read More »