Is there any way that you can stop having periods forever?

Answer Yes they can remove your uterus. But if you are young they will suggest something else. You may be having some female problems and they might put you on the pill to fix it. Had my tubes tied. Still... Read More »

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Is there a way to get rid of periods forever?

You could yell all the time!!! or raise your voice at the end every sentence to make it a question? or talk in run-on sentences that have no end even if they should the sentence just keeps on goin... Read More »

How to Stop Rust Forever?

Cars and other automotive devices have a tendency to rust after a few years, especially if you live in areas that experience snow throughout the winter. The rust spots not only devalue your automob... Read More »

How to get my period to stop forever?

I'm sorry, but some people who answered this question are so stupid! mastectomy? vasectomy? Lol wrong body part and wrong gender!Anyway, I know how you feel. When I get my period I faint, verge of ... Read More »

Can you WOMAN stop complaining about your stinking periods already?