Is there any way that you can stop having periods forever?

Answer Yes they can remove your uterus. But if you are young they will suggest something else. You may be having some female problems and they might put you on the pill to fix it. Had my tubes tied. Still... Read More »

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Is there a way to get rid of periods forever?

You could yell all the time!!! or raise your voice at the end every sentence to make it a question? or talk in run-on sentences that have no end even if they should the sentence just keeps on goin... Read More »

Will taking the contraception pill stop you having babies forever?

No. It only prevents pregnancy while you are taking the pill as directed. It takes a few days to start working, so use an alternate form of birth control if you have just started taking it. Also, t... Read More »

My friend said girls will stop having periods after they have sex, it dat true ?

If they get pregnant, then yes. Otherwise no they wont stop.

I am on my periods and I am having cramps everyday during my periods?

Get some rest. What ever you're doing, its probably causing it. sometimes the cramps hurt so bad they're paralyzing. so, make sure you're not doing anything that strains a lot of muscles. like exer... Read More »