Is there any way i can fix my broken hard drive.?

Answer a data recovery company could fix it but it would cost you too much, so yep bin it. but before you do make sure you smash it with a hammer so it can't even be slavaged by anyone else. shopping det... Read More »

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Is there much difference between 80Gb hard drive and 100GB hard drive?

I installed a new hard drive but it says there is no hard drive with XP disc.?

How to Fix a Physically Broken Hard Drive?

This information is provided for use at your own risk and should only be used when the next step is to throw away, or otherwise recycle a dead hard drive!

I want to upgrade my hard drive, is there a way to transfer everything to the new drive?

Depends what you are trying to do.Cant you just add the new drive and keep the existing one.If you cant you can take an image of your existing one and transfer it to the new one.Or you can re insta... Read More »