Is there any way i can fix my broken hard drive.?

Answer a data recovery company could fix it but it would cost you too much, so yep bin it. but before you do make sure you smash it with a hammer so it can't even be slavaged by anyone else. shopping det... Read More »

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How to Fix a Physically Broken Hard Drive?

This information is provided for use at your own risk and should only be used when the next step is to throw away, or otherwise recycle a dead hard drive!

I have a broken laptop screen and need the pics off the hard drive?

You could take the hard drive out, connect it to a 2.5" USB external enclosure and connect it to your desktops USB port. To find how to take out the drive check your manual or the web for your part... Read More »

How do I transfer information from the hard drive on my broken laptop to the computer?

You can only open up your laptop and take out the hard drive. Install it in another computer, and voila you're good to go.Use Norton's ghost partition if you want to copy the old hard drive to ano... Read More »

Buying a new comp, Is it possible to have an external Hard Drive for work and Internal hard drive for game?

you don't need to load a separate copy of windows or office into the external hard drive, but yes.To eurostudio:You have probably never tried vista and don't know how LITTLE ram it uses (yes, that ... Read More »