Is there any way for my dad to stop using computer?

Answer You could put a password on your computer, or you could try to figure out what is wrong with your other ones. If it is just a software problem then you could get it fixed by a professional for abou... Read More »

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How can I stop someone from using my computer when I am not there?

First, you need to set up a password. Go to the control panel and select User Accounts. Next select your user name. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and select change password. Create a password that only yo... Read More »

How can I get my computer to stop using PIO mode?

try changing the settings in the BIOS. It's probably set to auto detect the drive at every boot.

How can i create a password to stop people using my computer?

Step by step.Press Start,Go to control panelGo to administrative tools (classic view)Go to computer management Go to users (right click on the empty space and create an account)Make the account, ad... Read More »

A spammer is using my computer to send out spam e-mail. How do I stop it?

It could even be that a contact is infected and your address is being spoofed. You can however check to see if your computer is clean. Steps below.Firstly update and run your anti-virus product. Yo... Read More »