Is there any ward as you have no ward till now?

Answer Mary Joanna

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Can a head nurse over rule a doctor that is on her ward but has sent his patient there,can she supersede his?

I'm not entirely sure - it would depend on the level of the doctor (intern vs consultant) and the nurse. Also, I think that the nurse would probably have to follow the doctors directions and if she... Read More »

Can a ward of the state of Florida be emancipated from a legal guardian if they have never been legally adopted?

Yes, you can. Florida has an emancipation statute. The current guardian has to file the petition.

How do I ward off bad breath?

Brush extremely well, focusing on the gum line and the molars where most food/plaque sticks.Floss at least once a day; even better, carry floss picks with you so you can get food out of your molars... Read More »

Where is montgomery ward?

Montgomery Ward has headquarters in Monroe, Wisconsin. The company operates as an online retail outlet of consumer goods. Montgomery Ward's business operations date back to 1872, when it started ou... Read More »