Is there any truth in the following details?

Answer No, check out this link at

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How likely are the following things in the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.. (Details Inside)?

1 - 10% its possible but I highly doubt the wirters will want them trying to return again2 - I think they're having a crossover with David tenant and rose, that's what I heard3 - Highly doubt it4 -... Read More »

Anyone willing to pay this much amount of money for these following foods/drinks Details inside->?

No way, not even if I had all the money in the world! I think it's ridiculous that people pay $1000 for an omelet or a sundae while there are millions of people dying from starvation in the world..... Read More »

Is there any truth to the story of movie Slum Dog Millionaire of course the slums really do exist but was there ever a boy from the slums who made money on a game show?

Is there any truth in horoscope compatibility?

On One Hand: There is no Scientific EvidenceIn 2007, Dr. David Voas from the University of Manchester in England studied the astrological signs of 20 million spouses in Great Britain and found no l... Read More »