Is there any treatment for brain cancer?

Answer Each year, approximately 22,000 people receive a diagnosis of brain cancer and 13,000 people die from complications relating to the disease, reports the National Cancer Institute. To extend a brain... Read More »

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Is there a holistic treatment for brain cancer?

According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no effective holistic treatment for brain cancer. However, certain treatments can help alleviate side effects from both the tumor and other treatment regimens... Read More »

New Treatment for Cancer and Brain Tumors?

There have been many new advances in the treatment of cancer and brain tumors. These treatments go beyond chemotherapy and radiation and offer fresh hope to cancer patients and, often, more painles... Read More »

What are the effects of brain cancer radiation treatment on tumors?

Brain cancer is a condition in which tumors, or clusters of abnormal cells, develop and grow within the tissue of the brain. The severity of the effects of brain cancer depend upon the location of ... Read More »

Is there any cure for brain cancer?

My father in law has had brain cancer since May. He has been failing ever since.About a month ago we started him on apricot seeds and the b17 tablets. We just got the results back with the latest M... Read More »