Is there any such thing as "fake cheese"?

Answer Hi there.Yes - there are several types. There is true Imitation cheese that is made from oil, flavoring and emulsifierThere is imitation cheese made from non-cow's milk, but still may contain case... Read More »

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Is there such a thing as vegan cottage cheese And does it taste/look similar to actual cottage cheese?

You could make it? http://www.veganvegetariancookingschool.……I can't vouch for the taste however, have never tried it:)

Is there such a thing as fake printer cartridges?

If the printer is old then the price could reflect that amount. If the cartridge is a copy and not original, then it will normally be displayed with compatible. Hope this what you are looking for.

Is there such a thing as an MP3 CD?

MP3 CDs do indeed exist. MP3 CDs are compact discs with MP3 files stored in data form. Many home and car stereos developed in the 2000s support the feature to read these discs. The advantage to a... Read More »

Is there such thing as a $1,000 bill?

According to the Treasury Department, $1,000 bills are still occasionally discovered in circulation and destroyed. Production of these bills ceased in 1969, but they are still recognized as legal t... Read More »