Is there any spices that can cause a reaction?

Answer Herbs and spices are all natural products, there are people with sensitivities to any number of herbs and spices. Everything from skin irritations to stomach upsets to serious allergic reactions ca... Read More »

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Can acrylic dentures cause an allergic reaction that resembles chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia?

Yes! After 3 yrs. of Gabapentin and percocet someone mentioned this to me and I believe it may be a cause. I reseached "Allergy to dentures" and saw others who had asked Doctors this same question ... Read More »

If one had an a itchy reaction to hydrocodone, is it likely that one would have the same reaction to oxycodone?

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Can dental sealant cause a reaction?

Dental Sealant "reaction" unlikely If by "reaction", you mean allergic reaction, I have never seen one after placing hundreds of them over the past 30 years, nor have I read anything in the resear... Read More »