Is there any speed advantage in partitioning a hard drive?

Answer People will tell you anything to make you buy their product.There is no advantage.Infact it will take time from cutting files from one drive to another because its partitioned. If it was a single d... Read More »

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Problem partitioning hard drive?

Turn off System Restore (you'll lose your restore points) and then defrag C.To shrink you need contiguous free space at the end of the drive...that's why defragging helps and deleting restore point... Read More »

Partitioning hard disk with out loosing data in C drive(i.e, Os and other data) which has only one partition C?

I'm not entirely sure if home basic has the feature but if you go to Start, right click computer, manage then go to Disk Managment and right click on your C drive. It should show an option to "Shri... Read More »

How much does a hard drive affect the CPU speed?

The hard drive speed doesn't chage the CPU speed but it can be a bottleneck for the flow of data. You want to get a hard drive with at least 7200 RPMs and now days you want to get an SATA drive sin... Read More »

How to Test a Hard Drive Read Speed?

It's important to regularly check in on the speed of you computer to recognize any slow or inhibiting software. You can download free software and locate the drive you want to test. The software wo... Read More »