Is there any software that would let me show my mac's display on another mac?

Answer its built in. Just go to sharing in the system preferences and tick screen sharing. Then you can open up finder and your other computer should come up on the sidebar. You can click it and then clic... Read More »

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Project Planning Software for Macs?

Project planning software has become ever more popular with businesspeople and freelancers who use Macs. Not only does it help you to stay organized, it helps you stay on budget.

Speech to Text Software for Macs?

Speech-to-text software converts the computer user's speech to either commands for the computer or typed text. If computer operation is the only requirement, Mac OS X has a built-in speech recognit... Read More »

Do Macs have voice recognition software?

Mac computers include voice recognition software you can use for simple commands. This assists users who have difficulty interacting with the computer in other ways. To activate voice recognition o... Read More »

What software did David Bromstad use for his show Color Splash And what happened to his show?

According to Wikipedia Color Splash is still running & has made 8 seasons since 2007.Not sure about the software, but you can get lots of info about the show & watch full episodes here.. http://www... Read More »