Is there any software converting music to an image, or an image to music?

Answer Do you mean like making a video with just a picture and music....if so, windows has Movie Maker and it should already be on your computer

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Converting Files From AVI to MWV - i have no AVI on my laptop, how do i get it IMAGE PROVIDED?

You can use "ffmpeg" (or the recent fork "avconv") to convert video files from one format to another. It's Free and Open Source.

How do i shirnk a image file size without converting to JPEG etc?

the best way is to use software to reduce the image size and preserve quality; lots of good free tools Pixresizer… VSO Read More »

Is there any driver of printer which prints image in to dotted(PostScript) image. Which printer provide this ?

Any postscript printer will do the jobI am using HP printer at present but now many printers support postscript driver.

How to Record an Interview or Music Using an Editing/Recording Music Software?

Digital recording promises to be the technology which helps us to get rid of the tiresome work of recording long conversations/interviews on tapes and to no longer be burdened with boxes and boxes ... Read More »