Is there any skin care product that lighten black person's skin?

Answer Ask Michael Jackson!! Only in America can a poor Black Boy grow up and become a Rich White Woman!!

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Skin Care for Black Skin?

Black women seeking a smooth, even complexion can achieve their goal armed with the right products and knowledge about the complexities of their skin. Acne, scars and other skin issues must be deal... Read More »

Natural Ways to Lighten Uneven Skin Tone for Black Women?

The color of human skin is determined by the amount of melanin present. The more melanin present, the darker the skin. No matter what the skin color is, it can suffer from an uneven tone. However, ... Read More »

What skin color do you like White skin, Black skin, or Tan skin?

I like all color skin. pale white is my favIts all about what is on the inside.

How to Make a Skin Care Product for Seniors?

Caring for a senior. Perhaps it is your parent(s), or grandparent(s), or simply a neighbour who had been very kind to you, during your younger years, and you would like to make him/her a gift which... Read More »