We live in a private road with 4 houses. The road is approx 100 yards do we need to put up a 5MPH speed limit?

Answer No pojnt as you cannot enforce any limit that you impose

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What is the speed limit on a gravel or dirt road in Arkansas?

In my area the speed limit on grid and gravel roads is 80 Kph ( about 50 MPH ). On some of these roads that's a wee bit too fast. But when they dry out and are graded properly I can -and do- speed ... Read More »

What is the assumed speed limit on a unmarked country two lane road?

In my state (NC) as in CA, the default for an unmarked country highway is 55, so I would assume that. However, the turns are usually marked only 10 mph slower than the prevailing speed limit in my... Read More »

At what point to you adjust your speed when you see a change in speed limit sign?

As you cross the sign you should be at the posted speed limit. Most of the time there is a pre-speed reduction sign a few hundred yards ahead if the actual speed lot sign. Just

Why have speed cameras on roads that look like you should be going faster than what the speed limit is?

Speed cameras I don't mind, but what I really hate is seeing some copper on the side of the pavement with a ray gun (let's call them ray guns) trying to get people in the morning rush-hour traffic.... Read More »