Is there any restrictions with Child seats in jeeps?

Answer Mixing blood types will not any impact on the health of a child, only the resultant inherited blood type. This particular mix will produce a child with an A pos or A neg or O pos or O neg blood group.

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Height Restrictions on Car Seats?

Child safety seats have requirements for both weight and height. The weight requirements of children are considered more important than the height requirements when using a car seat or booster seat.

Are there restrictions with a bulging disc?

A bulging disc occurs when the anulus fibrosus or outer cover weakens and causes the internal fluid to protrude against the spinal canal. This can put pressure on sensitive nerve roots, causing rad... Read More »

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Could there be something wrong if you are 20 weeks pregnant with your third child and you haven't felt your baby move like you did with your last child?

Answer It is impossible to say. Only an ultrasound could make you relaxed, I suppose. Please see your doctor if you are worried. Good luck to you! Answer I am sure things are just fine, but it's... Read More »