Is there any real help for those that suffer from fibromyalgia?

Answer Hello,I feel this is such a "new" condition that it will be some time before anything else comes out.Diet,environment including stress is all a apart of pain management. I too have pain most days, ... Read More »

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Do you suffer from "Fibromyalgia" and have you tried "Activive"?

I have taken Activive and didn't notice any difference. I am so glad you asked this question as the answers have been incredibly helpful. I was diagnosed years ago (can't remember exactly when bu... Read More »

I suffer with real bad headaches, looking for alternative therapy?

I'm so sorry for your headaches, but the best advice is to ask your doctor about "Inderal". I suffer from daily migraines, and have gone to neorologyst and emergency room. Inflammatory donnot help,... Read More »

Do you have Fibromyalgia?

why do you think it is starting up? the symptoms of fms are the same as many other things. most people diagnosed with fms actually have something different. one symptoms that makes it more likel... Read More »


My mom actually suffers from FMS. One of the tell tell signs is severe pain at certain pressure points, shoulders, arms, neck, all have these pressure points. From the symptoms you describe, it so... Read More »