Is there any real PROOF that drinking 2 Cokes a day is bad?

Answer yea it mum got ulcers from this and she only drunk coke once a day..coke melts your bones slowly..and it can take alot of time to take effect, my neighbors use it to wash their toilets, t... Read More »

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What proof is there that is a scam?

To quote someone else's post..."My impression is that they are a scam. They are not registered in Switzerland. See the links below:Source(s):… Read More »

I just burnt my tongue by drinking tea that was too there a cure for that?

Can a father lose custody of his children if there is proof that he has a girlfriend before his divorce is final?

Answer It's not likely, as custodial and visitation issues are based upon the welfare of the child or children.If the child or children are not placed in a dangerous, neglectful or abusive situati... Read More »

-How accurate is Are there legit editors Where's proof that it's reliable to do research?

Wikipedia is comparable in accuracy to other online and printed general reference works. Most Wikipedia editors are legitimate, if what you mean by legitimate is editors who are trying in good fait... Read More »