Will the world end in 2012 because there's a movie coming out and if you search in google and stuff its freaky?

Answer For all those 2012 Mayan Prophecy believers out there, I have bad news. There is going to be no doomsday event in 2012, and here's why…The Mayan CalendarSo what is the Mayan Calendar? The calenda... Read More »

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Will there be another doc martin series in 2012?

i hope so. They're family. Susan Reckon, Studio City, California

Is there any real PROOF that drinking 2 Cokes a day is bad?

yea it mum got ulcers from this and she only drunk coke once a day..coke melts your bones slowly..and it can take alot of time to take effect, my neighbors use it to wash their toilets, t... Read More »

What proof is there that is a scam?

To quote someone else's post..."My impression is that they are a scam. They are not registered in Switzerland. See the links below:Source(s):… Read More »

Will there be escape from scorpion island in 2012?

It has not been confirmed that Escape From Scorpion Island will end, but it hasn't been confirmed that the show will continue. The show has certainly peaked and they are getting less viewers, so it... Read More »