Is there any point getting an DSLR if you can't afford to buy additional lenses?

Answer There are two main issues for you to consider. First, Zoom is not the same as magnification. I have two lenses that are the same 3x zoom. One is a 14-42mm and the other is 45-150mm. Both have the s... Read More »

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Is there any help for someone who cant afford Diabetic Meds in Cleveland Oh.?

The county health dept, will help him.. For sure..They will make sure he has the drugs he needs..Take careBen Trolled

If you cant afford an iphone 3GS so is the iphone 3G still worth getting or is it out of date?

haha they are the same but 3gs is slighty faster so why not

How many children cant afford treatment to cure there leukemia each year? is your son??? Maybe you should focus on him and his needs and put that in front of how much you can get, "PAID," from this tragedy.

How much of a difference is there between a high end point-and-shoot and a DSLR camera?

The big difference lies in the quality of photograph and the ways to achieve perfection...Apart from the big sensor size that DSLR cameras possess, the other important thing is how the camera focus... Read More »