Is there any place where homeless pregnant teens can go?

Answer there is a place in CA called Mary's Shelter. I read about it on google because im 15 and im pretty sure im pregnant and if i am, my parents already said they would kick me out of my house since it... Read More »

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Are there any schools for pregnant teens?

Yes, continuation schools frequently have either a) programs for pregnant teens to help them out or b) day care and such on the campus. Where I work, we have a full day care center, free of charge,... Read More »

I'd like to hear from pregnant teens or mothers of pregnant teens:?

1.) What is your age?I will be 16 in a few weeks2.) How far along are you?My son will be a year old two days after I turn 163.) What was the reason you had sex? (ex: pressure from bf)Honestly, I ha... Read More »

Is there financial support for pregnant teens?

Financial Support For Pregnant TeensThere are many programs to help pregnant teens. There is the department of human services, wic, which is at your local health department. You can try churches. Y... Read More »

Where do teens get pregnant?

Answer Anywhere and depends where they have sex.