Is there any place good to eat at in Boston that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

Answer Rebekah, Yes Boston IS noted for its seafood BUT, there is the widest variety of ethnic foods in one city that is possibly available any where in the U.S with probably the only exception of New Yor... Read More »

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Can anyone recommend a good antivirus software that doesnt cost too much?

AVG is Great and it's free. Just type in the search bar: AVG antivirus and select the free full version instead of the free trial and you're sorted for's really quick to download updates... Read More »

Is Boston a good place to live?

Yes anything specific.It has an ok economy considering other areas of country now - but the cost of living is high (not as expensive as NYC, but high). You get 4 seasons (winters can be brutual so... Read More »

Is there a webcam that DOESNT come with a CD?

Yes you can.... you can find almost any drivers you need on the internet. That's usually all the disc contains is the drivers and a few extra unneeded promotional programs. Buy whatever webcam you ... Read More »

Is it true that there was an explosive finish at the Boston Marathon?

wow way to be appropriate have some cooth and pick up a newspaper or turn on the news then maybe you'd know that an 8 year old child died for no reason.