Is there any other therapy for cancer?

Answer Besides what? Chemo, radiation, surgery

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What other treatments are there for larynal cancer?

According to your statement there are none.I would get a second opinion as it does not make sense that you could not have had surgery. However, that is first line treatment and it may not change an... Read More »

If the pink ribbion is for breast cancer awareness how come there is no symbol for all the other cancers that?

There is a ribbon for Ovarian Cancer. it's TealCheck this out for other ribbon colours…

Can someone get cancer from radiation therapy?

Yes. As radiation therapy involves exposure of the patient to ionising radiation, there is a risk that this will cause cancer later on.However, the risk of cancer from radiation therapy, while non-... Read More »

Anybody cured from cancer without chemo therapy?

A very good friend of mine,her mother had brain cancer and was not supposed to live another 6-months,this was well over 5 years ago.her cancer is completely gone.They prayed a great deal the whole ... Read More »