Is there any difference in Roquefort and blue cheese other than place of origin?

Answer Well the answer Ron gave is partially correct, I am a former chef (I also worked in France) and there is a difference and there is something to the saying of they are both blue veined cheeses, Roqu... Read More »

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Is there any other place besides Future Shop (forget bout Ebay) to buy a multi-function printer @ decent price?

Nowadays, the printer is very cheap, but the cartridges are very expensive. If you want to buy a printer, you need to consider the cartridges first. Compare Epson with Lexmark, the cartridges of Le... Read More »

Why are there mines in the christian place where jesus was baptized this place is now in israel or jordan?

It is in Jordan........and the site is open for Christians pilgrimages.....The previous Pop himself had visited The site on the East bank of the river ,Jordan side, a few years ago......

Is there any other way to get internet connection other than cable or phone line?

You can't get better than ComCast!!! There are other issues. If you're using Wireless router, try to connect directly to ComCast modem and check if you have the same issue. Ask ComCast to test the ... Read More »

Is there any other Sky remote control code for plustron other than 0119?