Is there any option to increase RAM memory externally without fixing internally....?

Answer No. You cannot magically create RAM out of nothing.

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How can increase the video memory of my PCAnd where can i download free memory chips.?

Now having thought what other people previously wrote, actually there is a way to set video memory, if you are using onboard video.To increase video memory (shared RAM) you must enter the BIOS and ... Read More »

Does a micro SD memory card increase memory for video or just photos?

32G is 32G regardless if it's micro or regular sd cards. Look in your manual towards the end of the back, it will tell you how much video your card will hold. I would not buy a 32G card. I would bu... Read More »

How do you increase your memory(RAM) when it is low. I have added as much memory as my computer will take?

The only way to increase the speed would be to get someone to install a bigger RAM in the CPU. As in, the RAM you have now will be of a certain size (512 MB maybe) If you replace it (or sometimes y... Read More »

Myt memory card needs to be formatted but it does not shows any option to format it as before?

Get into the setup menu on your camera.Look for the utility tool box (sometimes looks like a wrench), there may be two or more of them.Find the option for the recording device or memory card and se... Read More »