Is there any nutritional value in cranberry juice?

Answer According to a nutrition label presented by Tufts University, a 1-ounce serving of cranberry juice contains 82 percent of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, based on a 2,000-calorie die... Read More »

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Is there any nutritional value in fur or hair, or is it all just fiber?

Oh poor that you 're asleep...i'm bored too. Hey, what are you thinking? Are you planning on eating my hair too??? Grrrrrrrrrr.....

What is a nutritional value?

Nutritional value is the measurement given to a food to determine the benefit of consuming the item. Foods high in nutritional value help the human body grow, replace tissues and function properly.... Read More »

How to Improve the Nutritional Value of Recipes?

For the health conscious, it can be a daunting task to redesign a classic or favorite family recipe to make it more nutritious, but in many cases the taste can be preserved while adding significant... Read More »

What is the nutritional value of Jello?