Is there any motion sensor mouse commercially available?

Answer Hmmm, very good question. But I have to say I haven't heard of any such thing! I do think you should work on getting a patent for that Idea. Even if its not an actual invention. If you have a paten... Read More »

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When did power steering become commercially available?

Power steering became commercially available in 1951. Chrysler introduced its first line of models with Hydraglide, the company's brand name for power steering. The Chrysler Crown Imperial came wit... Read More »

Will the Time Machine ever be commercially available?

Yes, Napoleon Dynamite's brother Kip and his uncle both used it with great results.

When was the first commercially available desktop computer sold?

The first desktop computer was commercially available in 1950. It was called the Simon and produced by Berkeley Electronics. It retailed for approximately $300, and more than 400 Simons were sold b... Read More »

Is a propane fueled fuel cell capable of replacing grid power for home use commercially available?

There are a couple of vendors with home units available. Honda is one of them. They are very pricey and the electricity they generate may not be cheaper than the grid yet.