Is there any medicines that reduce your appetite ?

Answer why would you want to do that?Mild exercise reduces appetite while strenuous exercise increase appetite.

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I am a heart attack patient.There are many medicines i consume.Help me to reduce its intake and avoid its side?

You need to go back to your doctor and ask him/her to review all your medicines with you. I take a whole heap of drugs too (including medication to treat the side effects of other medication I take... Read More »

Are there any appetite supressants that work?

On One Hand: Appetite Suppressants are EffectiveMany people are turning to appetite suppressants because taking the supplements may be easier than sticking to a diet. The suppressants curb cravings... Read More »

Can severe pain really reduce your appetite I just realized the only thing I have eaten in the last?

Hi Giggles, your lack of appetite is probably due to your acute or chronic pain. I can definitely understand you're not wanting to have another surgery. I had 3 tummy operations in one summer and... Read More »

Is there any online pharmacy that will ship medicines to montreal, quebec, Canada?

i prefer reading reviews before ordering anything online, i found out these good sources of trusted online pharmacies which ships all over the world. Read More »