Is there any medication for boil for 10 months old baby?

Answer You need to isolate him. Since you have to take care of the baby it's important you don't get it. Wash your hands and try not to touch him and don't let him get in contact with the baby.

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What is the medication for 10 months baby who has rashes over her face and at the back of her head?

Ah ok if you want your parent's to bring you anywhere id suggest this actully worked for me if your in school still wait till summer holidays and if there over say dad or mam please can i go on a h... Read More »

Why should milk be served to your baby till there 12 months old?

Because the baby is vastly growing in these 12 months, it needs to have as much nutrients as possible. Letting them have milk for a year gives their brains the proper nutrients for development.

I had a baby six months ago and my belly went down alot but its just the loose skin, is there anything?

Probably. But after you have kids.. Should it really matter what your body looks like? Unless your partner is extremely shallow.And if your partner walked away (this is becoming common), you don't ... Read More »

If I were to get pregnant within a couple months of having a stillborn would there be more risks for our new baby?

Answer After my first child was stillborn, I asked the same question. My OB/GYN told me that there is a slight chance it could occur again. He said that there would be a 97% chance my next child w... Read More »