Is there any machine that helps against the Sound/Voice Recorder?

Answer No. Blow a loud whistle into it while it is recording, then call the police. Or, just smash the thing to bits and let the perpetrator find it that way.

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What Are Conditions That a Dialysis Machine Helps?

A dialysis machine is used as a replacement for kidney functions if you lose the ability to use your kidneys due to renal failure, which occurs when your kidneys are unable to filter out waste prod... Read More »

Is there a website that helps you find out if you were adopted?

I do not know if there is or is not a website for this. However, I suggest asking your parents and explain why you are asking. They should respond honestly...

Is it true that exercising helps lower your blood sugar & helps prevent diabetes?

If you're pre-diabetic, or a non-diabetic, then exercise alone will not prevent you getting it (there are many lifestyle and genetic factors), but it's definitely a huge benefit.If you're diabetic,... Read More »

What evidence is there that pre-school actualy helps out little children?

Yes. Here are a couple of articles:……P.S.- There is a difference between a preschool and a daycare, but daycares... Read More »