Is there any lipsticks that you can put a top coat over ?

Answer any lip stick should work well with a top coat. specifically maybe Revlon. they're lipsticks are fantastic.

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Is there any law that says that i cant coat my car in a radar absorbent material?

Back when the passed the Federal 55 mph law Car and Driver Magazine did some testing on making a car invisible to radar. They used 1/2" thick RF absorbant material. Found that while it reduced th... Read More »

Is there a song right now that you keep listening to over and over And why?

Yes it's called "Behind blue eyes" and I can relate to the lyrics.

Is There an Unsafe Amount of Lead in Lipsticks?

There has been concern about lead in lipstick, as some brands do contain small amounts of the neurotoxin. However, those levels are closely regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which does... Read More »

Is there anything that i can use to repair the small holes on my winter coat?

Snip loose threads from around holes. Darn holes on the outside with matching thread for a coat that is not nylon. Purchase a nylon repair kit consisting of adhesive patches and sealants if you own... Read More »