Is there any limitation for the 2D to 3D conversion contents in Cinema 3D TV?

Answer Nope, you may convert whole shows all day long to 3D viewing. No charge at all. It's nice and simple. Even the commercial break is in 3D! There is also an option to adjust the effect of 3D in terms... Read More »

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What are the contents of directv cinema?

I wonder if LG Cinema 3D has 2D to 3D conversion. Can it do the opposite converting 3D to 2D?

Most brands of 3D television offer some sort of 3D simulation feature but it is a poor substitute for true 3D content. Treat it as a bonus and avoid changing your purchasing decision just for this ... Read More »

I bought LG 47LM6200 LED Tv, (cinema, smart tv) do I need to buy home theater to get cinema affect, just this?

The general consensus is that the sound is getting weaker as TVs are getting thinner and thinner, but I think we need to optimize your settings before making a decision. I have a lg tv from last ye... Read More »

What is the limitation of computers?

Computers' main limitation is that they have no intelligence. Anything a computer does it does because it is programmed to do so. You have to issue the right command to get it to do a specifiec fun... Read More »