Is there any life threat to a deep cut in your pinky?

Answer No, but what did you cut your pinky with? If it is some rusty metal, or a needle - then maybe get it check. Otherwise, just make sure to disinfect just for the safe measure (if you are really worri... Read More »

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What do you do if deep down your older brother feels like your boyfriend has replaced him in your life and show no respect to your boyfriend and resents you for dating him?

You shouldspeak to your brother and say that he is still very important to you. Tell him that you were going to get a boyfriend sooner or later and they will change but he will always be your broth... Read More »

Is there anyone in your life that you absolutely refuse to let babysit your child?

My sister's Father in Law molested his daughter... and he and the MIL are still together. So needless to say those visits are *well* supervised... but my neices do see their grandparents with pare... Read More »

There are two men one says truth other false in a room and there are two doors in that room one is for life and another is for death ask one question and find the life door?

Your vacation pay income tax rate will be the same as the income tax rate on all of your other gross wages income from the same employer.

Are there any Threat organization briefs on US Defense Forces of Columbia?

The correct term is Airmen, not soldiers. Airmen learn to use the M-16 in basic training and are now issued the ABU (Airman Battle Uniform).