Is there any legal way so that you have say over everything for your daughter?

Answer Answer If the other parent gives up their parental rights.

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Is it true that if you get pregnant before 18 in Oklahoma your parents have no legal rights over you anymore?

Answer I got pregnant when I was 16 and I did live in Oklahoma and no it is not true they still have all of the rights to you I am now 29yrs old and my daughter is now 13 and I am so glad that my m... Read More »

What is your best sentence to say that your daughter-in-law will be loved and looked after as a daughter in a family and not as a daughter-in-law?

Just show her how much she is loved and if the occasion comes up, then you can express in words how you feel at the time. Actions will let her know how you feel!!

Your daughter is 8 mos old and has ran a fever highest being over 104for almost a week her doctors keep running blood tests and her results keep coming back as very abnormal-H on everything but wbc?

stop wasting your time on the computer and help your daughter

If you hit someone and their medical bills go over your policy limit does your insurance company have to pay everything?