Is there any home remedies for pain in the back of the knee?

Answer Have you tried a cool pac?…

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What are some home remedies for lower back pain?

Pain is just a symptom telling you something is wrong. To get rid of it, you have to get a professional to track down the cause of the pain, otherwise you are just shooting blindly into the air.

How can knee pain be connected to back pain?

I'll answer Utley :DWell, being a Sophomore SMA (student medical assistant) , i've been learning about bone structure, and joints, ect.I'm fairly new to it, and im thinking that there is some sort ... Read More »

Hypermobility - Back of Knee Pain?

You may have pinched a nerve, unfortunately without a closer look or am xray they is no way tp accurate diagnos this. It could be something more serious and i recommend seeing a doctor if the pain ... Read More »

Muscle pain on back of knee?

lots of people have knee painice it ,and take adviland try to take it easy for about a weekthen see how it feelsyou may have to have xrays taken if it does not get betterbut it can take weeks for a... Read More »