Is there any difference in picture between hdmi and componet cables?

Answer No, but the HDMI cable also carries AUDIO.

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Is there a difference between expensive hdmi cables and cheap hdmi cables?

Mostly the difference is just durability. More expensive cables can have better features, such as better surround sound and communication features. Other than those, a cheap HDMI cable can usually ... Read More »

Is there any difference between hdmi cables?

Is there a difference between brands for HDMI cables?

No there is not Additional AnswerOnly in build quality. I have a cheap HMDI cable, and one of the terminals came apart. As far as signal quality is concerned, though, there is no difference.

Is there a real difference between HDMI cables?

Other than the difference between regular speed and high speed HDMI cables, they should all transmit the same signal. Of course, you may choose to buy a thicker, shorter or differently-colored cab... Read More »