Is there any difference between yellow ethernet cables and navy blue ethernet cables?

Answer The color of the ethernet cable means nothing at all.There are different types of ethernet cables. Crossover, straight through, cat 5, cat 6 and so on, but again the color means nothing...

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What Is the Difference Between Ethernet & Patch Cables?

Ethernet and patch cables are usually referred to interchangeably, although there can be differences between the two. A patch cable is a generic term that can be used for multiple types of cabling ... Read More »

Red, blue, green cables & red, white, yellow cables.?

Is this cord the one you actually need for your laptop (as specified by your laptop manufacturer) or did you buy some sort of generic VGA to Component cable? Green, blue and red connections usuall... Read More »

What is the difference of componet cables vs the red,white & yellow cables?

yellow usually goes to video and the red and white(or black) goes to the audio.the red/green/blue are for composite videos.. used for progressive scan dvd players. its is not interchangable.since y... Read More »

How much are ethernet cables?

Ethernet cables in 2009 range in price from just over $1.50 to just under $50. The price depends in part on the length of the cable, and a cable's length may range from 1 foot to 200 feet.Source:Op... Read More »