Is there any difference between Whisky and Whiskey apart from the spelling?

Answer I believe the Irish distillers prefer the spelling whiskey and the Scots prefer whisky. That's all. There is supposed to be some difference in the water source, but I reckon the water will be pure ... Read More »

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Toothpaste: Apart from the flavour, is there really much difference between the cheap and more expensive?

I Think as long as one cleans their teeth on a regular Daily basis, there is little difference in the result. Though I have always used Colgate, and still have my own noshers at 52.

Is there any difference between Vodka, Rum, Gin Whiskey, etc., besides the taste?

The Alcohol that gets you drunk is all exactly the same. Most often when someone says they get more drunk on tequila than vodka, the reasonus ually is that tequila was taken in shots, and the vodka... Read More »

What is the difference between wine,whisky,and beer?

The most basic answer is that all alcohol is made from yeast fermented sugars. Yeast is an organism that eats sugar and its waste is alcohol (and CO2). Wine sugars are already present as fructose ... Read More »

What's the difference between rum, scotch, gin, whiskey, vodka etc. and other liquors ?

Whiskey is essentially beer without hops that's been distilled. The ingredients can range from barley, wheat, rye, corn, millet, oats...virtually any starchy cereal grain you can think of can be ma... Read More »