Is there any decent free software where i can convert a full dvd to a psp?

Answer CloneDVDMobile from Slysoft will do it. Very easy to use. They have a really long free trial period, something like 3 weeks.

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What is a decent free HD video editing software?

Free editors: Windows Movie Maker (it might already be installed on your computer)…Ezvid Videopad Read More »

Does any1 know any decent free virus software i can download for my laptop?

You need more than just anti-virus, you need anti-spyware and a good firewall. see below.I use all of the following Free software with Windows XP SP2 and Internet Explorer with MSN toolbar and the ... Read More »

I need OCR software to convert few scanned documents into EXCEL or ACCESS .Is there any free such software?

For many years now, most Scanners are sold with some form of OCR software. The CD that comes with the Scanner you purchased, the one that contained the drivers used during installation, should hav... Read More »

Does anyone know where i can get free FULL version antivirus software?

Try It's free and it works very well. There is a Pro version but the only difference is it provides monitoring whereas the free one doesn't. We use it. It was the only thing t... Read More »